Mind-Body Connection

Health habits can help us have more fulfilling relationships and to reach our goals in life. Let's explore how optimal food and activity lead to optimal wellness.

Culture and Gender Matter

Our lives have become much more interesting with greater self expression. Mental health research is now recognizing the importance of culture, race, and gender identity. Let's explore your truest self and discover your unique gifts.

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Life changes, and it changes fast. How do we get through all of it without losing our minds?

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Sometimes it's easier to talk to someone right away. Partners in the community help provide a way for you to get care when you need it most. See below for resources that might help when it may be difficult to reach a professional.

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Linda James Myers (optimal psychology, belief systems analysis, diunital logic, communalism) Edward Bruce Bynum (transegoic psychotherapy) Yirser Ra Hotep (Kemetic Yoga) Ra Un Nefer Amen (Metu Neter, Medu Ntr, Mdw Ntr) Ken Wilber (Integral Pscyhology)