Life changes, and it changes fast. How do we get through it without losing our minds? There are a number of answers to that question, but lets first talk about some of the most common, but stressful challenges we face:

1. Relationship Conflicts

We are always engaged in relationships. Whether it's with the folks on social media or your partner of 20 years, or even just the occasional crossing paths with a neighbor--we are tethered to other human beings. After all, it takes at least two other people to bring each of us into the world. Working with a professional to discuss relationship problems can help.

2. Money and Success

No matter how "much" money or success a person may have, it won't change who we are. Money and success only magnify who we are or how we are doing in life. When kind people have money, they usually do more kind things. However, money doesn't make people do kind things. Success can be scary because success brings added responsibilities. Having sudden success can make us feel uncomfortable when we aren't used to it, and the rewards that it brings.

Counseling helps you better manage your mental resources, just as other professionals can help you manage your financial resources.

3. Health Crisis

The mind is part of the body, and when there are problems with the body, the mind has difficulty keeping up. Sometimes we need more than just prescriptions and procedures to help us feel better. The body can sometimes take a long time to heal, and it helps to have a counselor to work on ways to cope.

If you are experiencing difficulty, or could just use someone to talk to about issues like these, please feel free to give me a call at (505) 672-5598.

Kenneth Winfrey, LCSW is a Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
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